Timeslips & Law Pay - Get paid faster! (March 2019 Promo)

Posted March 7, 2019 to Timeslips. Tags: Legal Billing, Legal Office, Timeslips, LawPay, credit card, demo, bills

Hi Timeslips users! How would you like LawPay FREE for 3 months?

You now have a new and exciting opportunity to get paid faster using your existing billing program. By adding on LawPay you can send clients invoices and get paid faster through ACH or Credit Card. To schedule a demo of Law Pay, or, to discuss how these two products work together please leave a comment below or give us a call 973-746-6454.

If you are having trouble getting your bills out or getting paid once they have been sent to clients, please let us know. We can help! We have had much success in completing the bills for our clients. To learn more check out our services page or complete a 'contact us' request.