Time Matters Exchange Sync

Posted September 25, 2022 to Time Matters. Tags: Legal Billing, Time Matters, law office technology, practice management, technology trends

For firms who use the TM Exchange sync (which sends contacts and events to and from Outlook), Microsoft will be requiring the use of modern authentication as of Oct 1st. To continue using the TM Exchange sync, your firm will need to enable Modern Authentication and be running Time Matters 16.6 or later.  To turn on Modern Authentication, you need to go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Settings/ Org Settings/ Modern Authentication. In the flyout that appears, click to enable.  To check what version of Time Matters you are running, go under Help/ About Time Matters.  Hold down the CTRL key and tap the F9 key to see the build number you are running in the upper right-hand corner of the Help screen.  If you or your IT people need assistance with any of this including getting upgraded to Time Matters 2022, do not hesitate to contact us. 

TimeMatters will end support for version 16 and below as of March 2023. Much of the push to upgrade is due to changes Microsoft has made in ending support of some of their products and services. Microsoft is ending support for Server 2012 in early October and support for SQL 2012 ended this summer.